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others may see as a disability. here's dr. gupta. >> two olympics, six gold medals, beijing, london, a landful of world records, world championship titles and six london marathon wins. david weir is one of the top pair everyone had athletes in the world competing in long distance races. he's also confined to a wheelchair. all of it pure upper body strength. >> i couldn't feel my leg buzz they can't move. it's called spinal cord transection. it was damage to the nerves in my spine. the doctors don't know the how or when or why. so it was a disability from birth really. >> he was just a young boy when he decided not to let his disability keep him from his dreams of being an athlete. >> i was into sport very early. at school, it was my best subject. pe. i wasn't very good at anything else. so i knew that i had to get the sport right if i wanted to succeed in life. and i was very lucky and i was talented at an early age, and wheelchair racing took over my life. >> he began training in ernest at age 8 joining team great britain by 11 and started winning medals at the age of 25. >> i've d
's day murder. the man charged, double amputee and london olympic star oscar pistorius. the victim, his girlfriend, and model, reeva steenkamp. it happened at pistorius' upscale home in pretoria, south africa. amanda davis is a cnn international sports anchor and she has interviewed pistorius. she's covering the developments in london. what more do we know, amanda? >> hi, ashleigh. i can tell you that oscar pistorius has been charged with the murder of his girlfriend. he's set to appear in court in pretoria in south africa on friday morning. this all happened very much as we were waking up here in london. reports of a fatal shooting at the house of the 26-year-old oscar pistorius. initially there were reports that it was perhaps a valentine's surprise that had gone horribly wrong, that pistorius woke to what he thought was an intruder and shot that intruder dead. the police, it has to be said, have said they don't know where those stories have come from, so throughout the course of the day, it was then confirmed that it was, in fact, pistorius' girlfriend, reeva steenkamp, as you said,
list in london and piers was up there on the top two or three. i was quite surprised by that. >> let's talk about fashion. it's a big night for these female actresses. huge pressure. if it goes wrong they have to pick up the pieces for weeks on end. >> it's a really difficult time. the minute the nominees are out designers are tripping over themselves. >> then the nominees are tripping over themselves while they wear the dresses backstage. >> and trying to accept the award. >> let's cut to the unmentionable. she gets hammered on social media. i think because people think her speeches are insincere. there's a bit of hate out there and it doesn't seem well deserved. >> there's hate for everyone. social media makes it easy to attack people at random. i find her charming and endearing. >> what is it about anne. is she hamming it up too much? >> i think she's a theater kid. she's a girl that loves to be in front of a crowd. she's a performer and eager to please. i think some people are rubbed the wrong way by that. i think she wants to succeed and wants everyone to love her. >> i thought
citizen is in a combat area. not even -- they can't do it in the streets of london. the memo talks about in a place that is essentially a war zone. >> but we don't have a declared war against these places. >> we do have authorization of use of military force against al qaeda. that's -- >> the zones. >> those are the areas. you know, yemen, afghanistan, formerly iraq, that's where we use those powers. but you talk about your phone calls, you have a -- they need a warrant to listen to your phone calls in the united states. but if you call yemen, they don't need a warrant. >> they can listen. what about mali, is that considered to be a place where, if you're planning an attack against me and you're safe, from i don't know, poughkeepsie, they can take you out there? >> the memo doesn't deal with na directly but you can bet the answer is yes. mali -- anywhere where we think al qaeda might be active and there's a war zone, which mali is, would be covered. >> i have to wrap it up. define imminent. >> i can't. >> you can't. >> and it's imminent is not like an hour or a day. the memo defines immi
there to here, ahead. >>> many of us watched oscar pistorius make history at the london olympics. a double amputee who changed the way the world sees disabilities. before he reached the olympics, he made his name at the paraolympics. that's where blake leaper met him a few years back. here's what he told me about the blade runner when we talked earlier. >> i'm competing along side him. he was an inspiration to me. he went out of his way to help me out and give me insight. i was new to running and he's a veteran to the track and field world. he gave me a lot of information. >> other friends of pistorius and steenkamp have been speaking out this week as well. kevin last saw the couple last month. >> oscar was very loving, happy, joyful person. by no means was he misbehaving. he was a good guy. never was he reckless or aggressive towards anyone. when i saw them together, they were in love. oscar was a very loving person. as well as reeva. by no means did i think their relationship was in jeopardy. >> tonight those closest to pistorius just like those of us who have never met him are trying to
is in london. now, nic, the agency is doing the probe, what more are we hearing about their findings? and the pressure that's being put on those supermarkets and others? >> reporter: well, what we're being told at the moment by the food standard agency here is that they haven't so far found donkey, although serious concerns have been raised by the border agency here who say they picked up donkey and horse meat by the tons being smuggled in the country in the past. so that concern is still out there. we know that as of friday last week, a quarter of all tests were done. and of those tests about 1% of all the products tested, 29 out of 2,501 came back positive for horse dna. the government said it was front-loaded, if you will, the worst of the items tested first. we just heard from the secretary of the environment saying he hopes all the testing will be done by the end of the week. the results will be done by the end of next week. it may drag into next week, michael. >> so, nic, are people still buying what they think is beef? is it dangerous if it's horse meat? >> you know, i think t
, beijing, london and a handful of world records and championship titles in six london marathon wins. david is one of the top pair limpic athletes in the world. he is also confined to a wheelchair. all of it pure upper body strength. >> i can feel lie legs, but they can't move. it's called spinal cord tran section. the doctors don't know how, when, or why. it was a disability from birth. >> he was a young boy when he decided not to let his disability keep him from his dreams from being an athlete. >> it's my best subject. >> i wasn't very good at anything else. i know that i had to get this sport right if i wanted to succeed in life. i was very lucky. i was talented at an early age and the wheelchair took over my life. >> he began training at age 8. he started with the medals at age 25. >> he is also starting to give back, helping to train the pair a limpic athletes of tomorrow. >> i give them tactics and they sit in their chair. i got a lot of colleagues over the years. >> anyone dealing with disability whether they are headed for the olympics or want to stay fit, exercise is the best medi
. genealogists worked tirelessly to track richard's lineage to the modern day and ended up here in london. a canadian carpenter was a 17th generation descendant of richard iii. >> my mother gave a dna sample in 2004, she died in 2008. and when they launched the date back in the end of august, they asked me to provide a new sample, just because the testing process had become a bit more complex. >> reporter: if his dna matched that of the bones in the car park, richard iii's burial place would have been found more than 500 years after his death. and that's what happened. >> it is the conclusion of the university of lester that beyond reasonable doubt the individual exhumed at gray fryers september 2012 is indeed richard iii. >> reporter: richard's first funeral may have passed by undocumented and forgotten. but after a 500-year wait, he is now set for reburial, fit for a king, the lester cathedral, courtesy of modern day followers. max foster, cnn, london. >> want to bring in richard quest from london, not to be confused with richard iii. richard, why is everybody fascinated about the story
in the opening day of the super g event at the alpine ski world championships. joining me from london is christina mcfarland, host of cnn's alpine edge. i'm joined on the telephone by john meyer, who is a sports columnist with the denver post and also a collaborator on lindsey vonn's blog. christine, let me start with you. the nuts and bolts about this race and what happened on the slopes that had her being taken away by helicopter. >> reporter: that's right, ashleigh. i managed to see the video of her fall about half an hour ago. i can tell you it looked pretty nasty her right knee seemed to buckle underneath her as she went down in the competition. which is a shame. this is the -- lindsay has won this four times in a row, she would have been confident going into today. the video i saw earlier, it looked like a very serious crash. the athletes who were waiting for her at the bottom of the run were astounded looking up and watching this unfold on the top of the course. as you say, she was air lifted to the hospital. and as you say it's been reported she has a complex knee injury. this
get a change that is quite dramatic in the character of an area, and here in london between 2001 and 2011, one-third of the white population has left. >> reporter: enormous demographic changes resulting in profound challenges like the so-called muslim patrols which the communities themselves are now trying to tackle. cnn, london. >>> we have live pictures here, breaking news happening out of cairo. this is actually taking place now. these pictures, these are the streets and they are erupting now, we understand, with water cannons and tear-gas, and this is outside the presidential palace, as the scene there is turning violent. we will have a live report out of cairo after this break. .... director's voice: cut it! ...what...what did i say? gecko? i said gecko? aw... for over 75 year...(laughs. but still trying to keep it contained) director's voice: keep it together. i'm good. i'm good. for over 75...(uncontrollable laughter). what are you doing there? stop making me laugh. vo: geico. saving people money for over seventy-five years. gecko: don't look at me. don't look at me. has o
in favor of girls education. she is recovering in a british hospital. >>> tourists outside london's buckingham palace got a real surprise today. a man broke through a security cordon and held a large knife to his own neck. in second, police moved in, and that set off a brief confrontation. the man started waving the knife, running at one of the officers, the officer used a taser. the man dropped to the ground and was handcuffed and taken to a police station. >>> this time singer chris brown apparently won't face any civil or criminal charges. fellow singer frank ocean says brown jumped him leading to a brawl over a parking space a week ago at an l.a. recording studio. but ocean says he is dropping the matter. brown is already on five years' probation after assaulting his pop star girlfriend rihanna back in 2009. >>> the man who invented etch a sketch has passed away. french electrician andre cassagnes dreamed up the drawing toy in his garage back in 1950. etch a sketch's popularity got another boost when it appeared in the "toy story" movies. its magic screen is in the national to
. >>> police quickly ended a dangerous situation outside london's buckingham palace today. a man who looked to be in his 50s, holding a large knife to his own throat, broke through a security cordon, this video shot by a tourist shows him getting agitated as police close in. he starts yelling and slashing the air with his knife. finally lunging at police officers. the officer fired his taser knocking the man to the ground where police handcuffed him. >>> tomorrow in manhattan, new york city will say good-bye to its three-time mayor ed koch, he died early friday of congestive heart failure. a who's who of politicians is expected to attend the funeral. bill clinton will speak. ed koch was 88 years old. the dow will start the trading day tomorrow for the first time in five years. that can be threatened by weak factory orders do out this week. the consumer credit report comes out thursday, along with earnings reports from sony, nextel sprint and aol. >>> the super bowl may go down as the strangest in history. the lights went out at the superdome, stopping the game for 35 minutes. players sprawl
quickly ended a danls situation outside of london's buckingham palace. he starts yesterdaying and slacking the air with his knife. the officer fired his taser. ray louis speaking to the media. >> never quitting and always believing in your dreams and your goals. there's no better reward as a father to win a ring on your last ride with my kids being by my sood side. my babies have rauls looked at me as staur. it's a great reward to go out 17 years of a journey. now i get to hug my baby ies fo the rest of my life and i went to say i was a beyondon. there's no better way to go out. >> that's ray lewis speaking. he had his children by his side. ter republican moore because you're mor of an expert than i on there. >> the deadly outcome at a nightclub here you say he's made a turn over. he's a change man. can you hear me in. tr rens moore are you there. as we said, ray louis involved in an altercation here. back in 2001, 2001 he was acquitted. satly someone died during that alt medication. there were other people who were imbray indicated in that as well. some people believe he paid the price ot
correspondent nick robinson with us live from london. details on that. nick, iran releasing that footage, some of it on the ground. some of it aerial. it says it's from the spy plane. if this is true, it's obviously embarrassing. but what does it mean? >> reporter: well, we don't know if it is true. the pentagon is not commenting so far. what the iranians have are pictures, black and white images of the united states, various areas in the united states. and also what they claim is the u.s. base in afghanistan, you can see these drone like structures, that we have become familiar with, seeing them in afghanistan, where drones are parked. there are indications perhaps this is kandahar. but we don't know. this could just be material they found somewhere else. there is no way of knowing that this actually came from the aircraft, that it was material shot from the aircraft they claim to have. >> iran has had it for well over a year. is there any way of knowing if they were able to garner much in the way of worthy intelligence from the drone, for example they claim they were able to reverse engineer
and in 2012 in london. and another top athlete looking something less than graceful. cbs sports caught this shot of phil mickelson taking a spill while retrieving a ball at the at&t pebble beach pro-am. i know exactly how you feel. >>> a new week starts tomorrow on wall street. but can the dow maintain its winning streak? [ laughs ] now this is a test drive. whoa! you really feel all 335 foot-pounds of torque. it's chevy truck month! silverado was also recognized for the lowest cost of ownership. hey, what are you gonna do with it? end table. oh. [ male announcer ] it's chevy truck month. now get 0% financing for 60 months, plus trade up to get $1,750 total allowance on a silverado all-star edition. or trade up and choose customer cash plus option package discount for a total value of $7,250. ♪ many hot dogs are within you. try pepto-bismol to-go, it's the power of pepto, but it fits in your pocket. now tell the world daniel... of pepto-bismol to-go. >>> this just in to "cnn newsroom." police are questioning two persons of interest in the slaying of 15-year-old adia pendleton a day a
odd years ago when i thought i would try to have a drink during a scene. we were in london. we were like let's get into it, we're method, man. let's have some scotch. so we drank and the director was like what's wrong with you guys? you're terrible. so you can't do that. >> what advice would you give that denzel who is nominated for glory all those years ago, what would you tell that guy? >> what i'd tell that guy? relax. calm down. much more relaxed now. older and wiser. >> older, widewiser and one of best actors of our time. this year i believe the race for best actor is the strongest. and if not for daniel day's performance as our 16th president, denzel washington could very well be taking home the oscar for best actor this year. christine. >> i have two days left. i've seen argo and silver linings play book. i want to talk about peg's best picture. what must i see in the next two days so i can make a very, very insightful commentary on monday morning? >> well, here's the thing. first of all, i would just say lock yourself in your house for at least 48 hours and just have a movie
lot better. hurry. $14.95 won't last. >>> it happened to fast. it took the crowd outside london's buckingham palace by surprise today, but it quickly turned dangerous. a man who looked to be in his 50s holing a large knife to his own throat broke through a security cordon. this video shot by a tourist shows him getting agitated as police close in. he starts yelling and slashing the air with his knife. finally lunging at a police officer. you see the officer retreat and then firing his taser. that knocked the man to the ground where he was handcuffed. >>> pakistani teen activist is awake and talking after successful operations to repair her skull and boost her hearing. taliban gunmen tried to assassinate the 15-year-old in october because she had spoken out in favor of girls' education. she is recovering in a british hospital. >>> millions of people are on the run in war-torn syria. they lost their homes to shelling and bombs and now they are trying to restart their lives. cnn's frederik pleitgen has the latest from damascus. >> reporter: while the streets in central damascus are
of serious knee injury. let's go to london and talk more about this with cnn's christina mcfarland. what happened? >> well, for anyone that might have seen the video earlier of the crash, brooke, it really was horrific. she seemed to buckle on her right knee as she was going down the super g race, just as she came over a jump. and had to be airlifted to hospital. so it is a serious crash. and a fairly serious injury. we were able to speak to her accident surgeon just earlier and he told us that she's torn two ligaments in her right knee, she doesn't require an immediate operation, but the u.s. ski team are deciding whether or not to airlift her, take her back to the united states right now, so her season is over. >> i'm no lindsey vonn, i tore my acl skiing in colorado and let me tell you, that rehab is not fun, especially if it is your lifetime, your work, your career. christina mcfarland, thank you. >>> a group of spanish tourist were vacationing in beautiful acapulco, mexico, when the unthinkable happened. the middle of the night, sound asleep, a group of armed and hooded men burst in
it or not. >> in london, there is a new phone-hacking scandal at a tabloid already brought down by hacking. we're talking about rupert murdoch's old newspaper "news of the world." six former staffers have now been arrested, accused of listening to people's private voice mails. the victims have not been identified in this case. now, police say the incidents happened somewhere between 2005, 2006, that is around the same time "news of the world" was implicated in a much bigger hacking scandal involving crime victims, celebrities, even the royal family. actor matt damon is on strike, not from hollywood, but from the bathroom. >> until everybody has access to clean water and sanitation, i will not go to the bathroom. yeah? >> what? >> i'm not going to go to the bathroom. >> whoa. >> yeah, go ahead. >> do you mean literally, like you won't go to the bathroom but you'll go somewhere else. like maybe a swimming pool? >> you're the reporter, you do the math. >> november 19th -- >> that's so funny. damon created -- it's a fake news conference, of course. he's trying to draw attention to a big proble
reported in the london "observer" is that he felt it was time to start talking about marriage for catholic priests. as you know, in the catholic faith they are meant to be celebate. we're not sure if there's any connection with how that came out publicly but that's something he made public in an interview not so long ago. >> is there any talk about how this might impact pope benedict's own legacy here? i mean, he was the first one who acknowledged, apologized to the victims of sexual abuse, that he met with those victims. is this going to taint his legacy or do you think this is going to basically clear out and make room for the next pope, you know, not without a record? >> reporter: well, suzanne, as you rightly say, pope benedict xvi did make several firsts, the apologies, the attempt for more transparency, the attempt for more accountability for these serial sexual abusers, frankly, committing not just sins but crimes against children that date back generations. so, he did tackle this publicly. however, the criticism has been that it's certainly not gone far enough. as you know, senior
. >> big news for a lot of people. joining us is max foster in london. they obviously had to do dna, there were other things involved. this is a very detailed investigation, wasn't it? they weren't sure. >> reporter: it's an incredible story. you talk about shakespeare, he painted this awful picture of a villain, didn't he? what's interesting, there's a big group of enthusiasts who thought shakespeare got it wrong and richard iii was a good buy. they are behind this whole process. they sat out on this mission to find his grave as a process to rebuild his reputation. and what's extraordinary, they did actually find these bones under a car park in lester, and the bones had this withered back, twisted spine. richard iii was famous for being a hunch back and having a withered arm. he did have a hunch back. that is where they got excited. they asked the local university to try to get some dna from these bones. which they did manage to do. but that was only part of the puzzle. they had to identify a modern day descendant and they managed to find one, a carpenter based in london, 17th gene
by a fox, that's right, that's what happened, that happened in london the other day. thank goodness the mom, she was nearby to rescue him. he was rushed to the hospital with serious hand wounds, might be surprised to learn this is not an isolated incident. fox attacks are increasingly common now. and the animals have become so plentiful a lot of homeowners shoo them out of their houses. >>> in china, skies celebrating, lighting up, celebration of new year, longstanding tradition, the festivities aimed at ensuring good health and good fortune. good for them. but if you are squeamish you might want to sit this out. we are talking about this according to the chinese calendar, this is the year of the snake. >>> all right. so these folks supposed to be celebrating, right? they or a carnival cruise ship called try ump, the ship is stranded in the gulf of mexico after this fire breaks out yesterday. we found out the coast guard cutter has arrived to try to tow the cruise liner to the nearest port in mexico. mean chyle, things getting pretty desperate on the ship. that's according to bethany, you s
about. and the gender of the person that you love is irrelevant. >> joining us from london, we know that this vote says there is huge support for this bill, and the prime minister himself supports it as well. he came out and said, i'm a big believer in marriage, it helps people to commit to each other, and i think that's why gay people should be able to get married, too. we know there was a lot of opposition in his own party. why are they -- first of all what's the argument they are making? how likely is it they will lose this case? >> reporter: well, it seems very likely they are going to lose this case. clearly the majority of the house of commons has voted against opponents of the bill. it's interesting nearly half of his own conservative party voted against prime minister cameron. basically their objection to this bill is they say they fear this is going to open up the possibility of lawsuits against the church of england or any other religious institution that refuses to marry any same sex couple. what they fear is that if a gay or lesbian couple walks into a mosque, synagogue
the challenges they have gone through to try to make apologies to our partners. i personally sat down in london to have that apology conversation and it was very disruptive. very quickly, did you provide classified or otherwise sensitive information regarding the details of the raid? >> i did not, senator. >> do you know who disclosed information that prompted the secretary of defense, robert gates, to advise the white house to tell people to shut up? >> par would have to ask senator gates because i don't know. >> in conclusion, let me go back to the initial questions that the chair referred to. in that i think you might have taken her request on documents to be the documents that we have outstanding right now. she was referring to the future. let me say i hope that you take the opportunity. it is absolutely central. the documents have been requested and be supplied before the confirmation moves forward. i realize and i am not saying you were part of it, but it's essential that we get the documents before we begin and i hope you will deliver that message. i thank you. >> thank you, senator. >>
a whole lot better. hurry. $14.95 won't last. >>> welcome back. the movie," the life of pi." in london it won an award for visual effects. >> though it looks life like, check this out. incredibly 87% of the time you're actually seeing a digitally created tiger on the screen. this is a terrific report here. >> reporter: making a regal entrance. every bengal tire is different. this male is ten years old. and weighs in at about 500 pounds. his name is king. and he was born to be a star. >> every animal has his own look. >> reporter: and king looks very sure of himself. he looks dominant. this story is about king. it's also about his mir r ident twin made for the movies. >> we knew if we had a realty gear, our digital tiger had to be flawless. the tiger took about a year from start to finish and that's before we started doing the animation. >> reporter: he has been a professional cat trainer since he was 16. for our benefit he put a younger tigress through her paces. he apologized she wasn't king but king is much less easily bendable. half the movie is set on a lifeboat on an ocean the boy
in this gift bag. there's even a one year membership to london me throw airport vip service. hand crafted tennis shoes in this bag, just about anything you can imagine. it's almost like the rich get richer situation that we see. i also talked to some people, carol, that they call the bleacher creatures who are the fans that you see on the bleachers behind me. these people get to come for their hollywood experience at the oscars but they get to be put into this lottery, 20,000 people enter this lottery to be one of 700 people that get to sit in those bleachers. they don't get a $50,000 gift bag but a small parting gift from the academy. they don't get their trip paid for. they have to pay for everything. they had to come here at 8:00 in the morning, sit in those bleachers all day because the red carpet doesn't open until 3:00. they tell them don't wear your finest does because you're going to be packed in there. >> i don't know if i would do that. nischelle turner. thanks for dirt. we appreciate it. >>> now it's time for talk back's pick on the oscars. we're calling our awards the cappies.
federations involved and we actually had 28 different countries win medals in the london olympics last year and so then wrestling the sport of wrestling is all over the world, i've been to cuba eight times wrestling down there, i've been to come in additimunism, i china and this sport has the best the world has to offer, i think it's a travesty, and the best well known sports out there and to put it on the chopping block and say it's gone so they can add maybe another more main stream sport. >> it sounds like wrestling really has been your ticket to seeing the world. but beyond a personal reason for a future wrestler, if the wrestling federation doesn't win this fight n terms of a sport, how is it impacted? >> if we don't win this fight, the international sport of wrestling may diminish and the -- the sport overall, if we don't keep olympic wrestling going, i think we could be in for a free for all and i don't think that being a good ending for anybody so hopefully we can put the ifc to see that we have not stopped fighting and we want to show you the world that we deserve to be at the olym
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